Our services

We provide unique creative solutions and consult for various public and well-known brands. Brandworks exclusivity – aim for perfection, attention to details and belief in what we do. Many years of experience, great number of successful projects and a highly effective workflow system created by us, allows us to call ourselves a local visual identity development experts.

Brand Positioning

We advise on how to manage a product or service identification so the consumers perceive them as distinctive – with their own characteristics, that are specific only to them. That is how your product or service gets an advantage among its competitors.

Brand name creation

We provide brand name proposals for both: localized product or service, or business companies internationally. We believe that the expedient brand name has helped our clients to establish its own memorable brand and reach the target audience.

Logo creation

Long-term experience in various brand logos and corporate styles development allows us to see and provide unique and best creative solutions for You.

Logo goal – to embody the spirit of the company, to stand out in a competitive environment, to be easily readable and memorable. The right logo is instantly recognizable and easily adapted to both the press and the internet space.

Corporate identity, visual identity book (Brandbook) creation.

For You we will create corporate identity, that will be not only visually appealing, but also easily adaptable across the company representing material.

Corporate Identity – the indirect communication that presents and advertise the company always and everywhere. Product or service corporate identity must be consistent and coherent. The use of logo, colors, fonts and graphics in detail are disclosed in graphic identity book (Brandbook).

Logo renewal (Rebranding)

We will upgrade your product or service logo to make it better representing Your company. Positioning, communicative tone of the product or servise frequently changes over the years, so You need a logo renewal (Rebranding) or minimum logo corrections (Facelift).

Slogan creation (Tagline)

Our experience working with the clients from different business areas, lets us discover the best creative solutions for the unique slogan for your product or service in order for it to be a long-term and to reflect the value of the brand properly.

Web pages

Brandworks are also strong at creating websites. We believe that visually neat and strategically well-designed website is one of the key elements in helping to establish the desired/proper dialogue with your customers.

Product packaging

We will create the image of your product. We know that the appearance of the product must reflect its quality and help quickly find your target users.

Promotional material

Our experience creating representative web and printed material allows us to present optimal visual solutions for the expression of your product or service and provide professional advices for production.